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    Friday July, 2005

     - Vanisle 360, 2005- Leg 5

    Leg Description Course: Hardwicke Island to Telegraph Cove Distance: 40.30 nautical miles Start: 1000 hrs: The start is in the vicinity of the previous finish line. Currents are tricky through this area. Fog is common in early morning with brisk winds generally filling in after noon. Finish: The finish is between the entrance to Telegraph Cove and... Read more »

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    Thursday July, 2005

     - Vanisle 360, 2005 – Leg 4

    Leg Description Course: Deepwater Bay to Hardwicke Island Distance: 24.50 nautical miles Start: 1100 hrs. Note the later start time due to the strong current. The starting area is in Deepwater Bay 12 miles north of Campbell River. The committee boat will be on station in Deepwater Bay on Quadra Island. Seymour Narrows is the main... Read more »

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    Monday June, 2005

     - Vanisle 360, 2005 – Leg 3

    Leg Description Date: June 13, 2005 Course: Comox to Campbell River Distance: 27.14 nautical miles Start: 0800 hrs. The start is on the east side of the Comox Sand Bar. Special Notes: This leg is where the tides meet. The tidal stream entering the strait around the SE of Vancouver Island meets the corresponding tide that flows... Read more »

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    Sunday June, 2005

     - Vanisle 360, 2005 – Leg 2

    Leg Description Date: June 12, 2005 Course: French Creek to Comox Distance: 28.55 nautical miles Pancake Breakfast: There will be a pancake breakfast organized by the Parksville, Qualicum Shrine Club immediately prior to the start at the head of the dock in French Creek. Start: 0900 hrs. The start is off the French Creek Marina breakwater. Excellent... Read more »

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    Saturday June, 2005

     - Vanisle 360, 2005 – Leg 1

    Leg description: Date: June 11, 2005 Course: Nanaimo to French Creek Distance: 22.10 nautical miles Start: 1030 hrs. – The race committee will be on station on the Visiting Vessels Pier in Nanaimo harbour. Boats will start in the harbour between the pier and the satellite reef marker. Excellent spectator viewing from the Visiting Vessels Pier.... Read more »

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    Monday June, 2003

     - Van Isle 360 – 2003

    Leg Descriptions Leg 1Date: June 14, 2003Course: Nanaimo to French CreekDistance: 22.10 nautical milesLink to the progress of Leg 1 Start: 1030 hrs – The race committee will be on station on the Visiting Vessels Pier in Nanaimo harbour. Boats will start in the harbour between the pier and the satellite reef marker. All boats start... Read more »

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    Sunday June, 2003

     - Vanisle 360, 2003 – Leg 10

    Leg 10Date: June 27 – 29, 2003Course: Victoria to NanaimoDistance: 60.40 nautical miles Passing in the NightRedshift pitch poled outside of Race Rocks about 10 miles from the finish line in Victoria on Leg 9. What a sobering event, both Wayne and Janine are very experienced sailors and although their spectacular wipeout made the headlines... Read more »

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    Friday June, 2003

     - Vanisle 360, 2003 – Leg 9

    Leg 9Date: June 25-27, 2003Course: Ucluelet to VictoriaDistance: 97 nautical miles The Roaring 40’s Hi, my name is Rhonda. I’ve been sailing for 4 years and am the proud owner of a 26′ T Bird. I had been looking forward to participating in the Van Isle as crew but the boat I was to sail... Read more »

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    Sunday June, 2003

     - Vanisle 360, 2003 – Leg 8

    Leg 8Date: June 22 – 24 2003Course: Winter Harbour to UclueletDistance: 138.10 nautical miles Welcome to the PacificBy Shane AlfredsSaturday night dinner was at Dick’s place. That’s Dick’s Last Resort where we were staying. It’s a small B&B in Winter Harbour and somehow thirty some odd sailors were going to be eating at his... Read more »

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    Thursday June, 2003

     - Vanisle 360, 2003 – Leg 6

    Leg 6Date: June 19, 2003Course: Telegraph Cove to Port HardyDistance: 28.10 nm The ShadowTucked into this tight little cove on the east coast of Vancouver Island is Telegraph Cove, just the most interesting and unique place on the coast of the island. At the awards ceremony that night John Green on the Trimaran Sauterelle announced... Read more »

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