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    Thursday May, 2024

     - Pacific NW Offshore 2024

    Illwaco Washington to Victoria BC. May 16th – 19th 2024.

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    Friday March, 2024

     - Southern Straits 2024

    Cheekee Monkee will be participating in the 54th Annual Southern Straits, March 29th – 31st.

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    Saturday May, 2019

     - Swifture 2019

    Swiftsure 2019 was a Driftsure with a beautiful sunset and sunrise. It took Cheekee Monkee approximately 40 hours to cross the finish line. The race started with rain, low winds and rolling waves. As we drifted on into the evening, boat by boat dropped out, we were one of 2 multihulls that decided to continue.... Read more »

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    Wednesday June, 2005

     - Vanisle 360 – 2005

    For the 2005 edition of the Cadillac Van Isle 360, the Cheekee Monkee has a big target painted on her backside as we are going into the event as the defending winner of the Fastest Elapsed Time from the 2003 race. We have always preferred a low profile, but with a name like Cheekee Monkee,... Read more »

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    Sunday June, 2005

     - Vanisle 360, 2005 – Leg 2

    Leg Description Date: June 12, 2005 Course: French Creek to Comox Distance: 28.55 nautical miles Pancake Breakfast: There will be a pancake breakfast organized by the Parksville, Qualicum Shrine Club immediately prior to the start at the head of the dock in French Creek. Start: 0900 hrs. The start is off the French Creek Marina breakwater. Excellent... Read more »

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    Monday June, 2003

     - Van Isle 360 – 2003

    Leg Descriptions Leg 1Date: June 14, 2003Course: Nanaimo to French CreekDistance: 22.10 nautical milesLink to the progress of Leg 1 Start: 1030 hrs – The race committee will be on station on the Visiting Vessels Pier in Nanaimo harbour. Boats will start in the harbour between the pier and the satellite reef marker. All boats start... Read more »

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    Tuesday June, 2003

     - Vanisle 360, 2003 – Leg 4

    Leg 4Date: June 17, 2003Course: Deepwater Bay to Hardwicke IslandDistance: 24.50 nautical miles A Current of a Day!Campbell River to Hardwicke IslandThe start was 0830 so out wake up time was 0530 leaving the doc by 0630 because the start was out in Deepwater Bay 12 nm North of Campbell River which we had to... Read more »

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    Monday June, 2003

     - Vanisle 360, 2003 – Leg 3

    Leg 3Date: June 16, 2003Course: Comox to Campbell RiverDistance: 23.90 nautical miles Well, what can I say… today was certainly a challenging day! We started off from our accommodations at Jaspers at 6 am. We had to be at the boat by 7 am and we really needed to make a stop, Tim Horton’s extra-large... Read more »

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    Sunday June, 2003

     - Vanisle 360, 2003 – Leg 2

    Leg 2Date: June 15, 2003Course: French Creek to ComoxDistance: 28.55 nautical miles If Only Dawn came early for the Cheekee Monkee, the Skipper woke up early again, (that’s “mee”), affectionately know as the Cheekee Monkee (50 something) by some and by other unmentioned epitaphs by others. We the crew were riding high on the success... Read more »

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    Saturday June, 2003

     - Van Isle 360, 2003 – Leg 1

    Leg 1Date: June 14, 2003Course: Nanaimo to French CreekDistance: 22.10 nautical miles It all started at 6:58, my wake up call was 7am, Kim said to me “Jason, it’s 7am, I’ve been up since 5:30am everything here is going on the boat, Rhonda will be here at 8am,…(he added some other items I don’t recall)... Read more »

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