Cheekee Monkee Development


2005 PHRF -42


November of 2004, we broke the starboard AMA right off, see Round the County story. We had four all new carbon AKAs designed and engineered by Ian Farrier, fabrication took place at Lonestar Multihills in Brownsville, Texas. This significantly strengthened the boat and reduced the weight by 85 pounds. Dave Calvert designed and built a new big roached main sail for the boat and are now racing with our lowest ever rating.


2003/2004 PHRF -39


After consulting with Ian Farrier, we removed all of the stock interior and replaced it with a carbon/nomex interior. Chart table, nav station, instrument pod starboard side. Cooler and micro galley port side. A pipe berth was installed port and starboard in the main cabin.

The forward cabin was blocked off with a carbon nomex bulkhead and a new environmentally friendly carbon/nomex head has been fabricated and installed. Access is through the foredeck hatch.

The stock aluminum bowsprit has been replaced with a carbon tube bowsprit and a new bow pulpit was designed to support it. An 85 gallon water ballast system for the transom of the main hull was installed (adds about 800 lbs). This is to prevent the boat from flipping over in high winds sailing downwind.

The forward cockpit well was removed and a new carbon structural bulkhead was installed between the aft AKA mounting pads on the main hull.

The main hull features a full length longitudinal stringer on both sides to provide hull rigidity after having removed the interior liners and bulkheads. The main hull was skinned with carbon for additional strength.

Lifting foils by Waterat have been added to the port and starboard Amas, here were are having a hard time getting the foils to drop down into the case after installation. Much sanding was required.

Net supports beams are now all carbon as I broke the 30' mast from my A Cat almost exactly in half on Labor Day in 2003.

The stock dagger board has been replaced with a new light weight, high tech, high aspect ratio dagger board that has been designed by Larry Tuttle at Water Rats in California. You can see how high it sticks up through the deck in the photo.

New PBO Navtec standing rigging was installed.

The boat was weighed with the sails, rigging and the required sailing gear to meet PIYA Category I safety requirements on board. The boat weighed 4,180 pounds. The boat lost about 200 lbs this time. Since we began in 95, the boat has lost a total of 650 lbs.

2002/2003 PHRF -21

Just in time for Swiftsure 2003, the Cheekee Monkee was sporting a main hull extended from 30’ 10” to 33’ LOA. We also replaced the stock transom hung kick up rudder with a custom transom hung dagger board style rudder much like you see on an F-25C. This rudder and assembly was designed and built by Waterat.

Changed from an 8 HP Honda to a 6 HP 2 cycle Johnson Outboard (-25 lbs).

1999/2000 PHRF -12

Upgraded the standing rigging to Kevlar from Navtec and added hydraulic cap shroud tensioners to cant the mast from side to side about 6 degrees each way.

1998/1999 PHRF -21

The first set of major changes: Removed the rubber bumpers from the main hull and the AKAs (-200 lbs), , faired the AKA's and changed to an 8 HP Honda outboard (-50 lbs).

Sold the old 40' rig, sails, instruments, everything! Installed a new 45' tall carbon rotating mast from Forespar, installed a new deck mounted carbon boom from Forespar (-100 lbs), all new sails from Calvert Sails. Overall the boat lost 350 pounds in weight.

1997/1998 PHRF +32

The first minor changes, changed from the original under hung rudder to the new stock transom hung kick up rudder (-50 lbs), added the "Mike Leneman" pushpit/mast support bracket, added a fully battened blade jib from Calvert Sails, installed the new stock F-31R 7' aluminum bow sprit and ordered a new spinnaker. As I was still a cruiser in my own mind, we added a 50 gallon built in cooler.


Took delivery of our new cruising multi-hull. Loaded the boat down with all the appropriate cruising features which included a 30 liter built in gas tank, a 15 HP Honda electric start outboard engine, a built in 2 burner propane stove and propane system to power the stove and the BBQ.

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